It was a pleasure working with you as mediator. To say the least, you were faced with an extremely difficult case not so much simply because of the merits, but rather, the strong personalities involved.

It is a genuine credit to your ability and competence as a mediator that you were able to bring this protracted feud to an amicable resolution in less than a day’s time. It is unfortunate that all mediators do not approach disputes in this same fashion in which you do. If such were the case, most disputes of this nature would be resolved amicably expeditiously, and cost-efficiently.  Again Karen, we greatly appreciate  your commitment, focus, and professionalism in successfully resolving this case.

- L.A.

Thank you for your outstanding help with regard to our mediation. This was truly a case that I did not believe could be settled; and had it been mediated with any other mediator, I believe it is unlikely that settlement would have been reached.

- Lisa

Frankly, I thought this case would not settle; however, Ms. Gammon, through both creativity and determination, was able to bring the parties together and reach a settlement. I will highly recommend her as a mediator in the future.

- Ernest

Thanks for your hard work and persistence in getting our case settled. If I can ever return the favor or help out, just give me a call.

- David

Could never have settled without you!

- Carmen

I very much appreciate your assistance and hard work in getting this matter concluded. I look forward to working with you again, as unlike some mediator’s I have worked with , you work extremely hard in trying to arrive at an amicable resolution of a case.

- Russell

Thanks for another great mediation. I am always sure that a claim will get settled, if at all possible, when I go to you…..and so I truly appreciate you.

- Doug

I want to thank both of your personally in this small way for the extreme care and patience you showed my mother. It was a very long day for her and she was in a lot of pain during the mediation.

Your kind comments, genuine care and interest shown to my mother concerning both her and her case were very comforting in helping her make a difficult decision. It actually gave her a change of mind…and I can tell you from personal experience….she just doesn’t do that once her jaw is set and she has made a decision. Kudos for a job well done!  You have won my respect and admiration.

- Zachary

Thank you for doing such a terrific job at the mediation today. I look forward to future mediations with you. I have recommended you to my partners. Thanks again!

- Michael

Thank you for your efforts. I was very impressed with your quick grasp of the issues (and weaknesses) in the case and your persistence in pushing for a resolution. I have recommended you to all the lawyers in this firm.

- Kevin

I just wanted to thank you for helping me get this one settled. I was concerned about this one, and without your help, it would not have happened. Thank you for diligence and hard work. It is much appreciated!

- Kimberly

Thank you for your great help in settling this very difficult case. You did a wonderful job.

- Kenneth

It was great to meet you today. I really appreciate your direct approach in trying to get our case resolved this morning. I look forward to mediating with you again in the future. Take care.

- Craig

Just a note to tell you that I was very pleased at the way you handled this difficult mediation and our expectations.

- Gary

Thank you for your services and understanding of our problem. We never know in cases like this if we will get understanding people. You made me feel very comfortable and I thank you for that.

- N. D.

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for helping to settle this issue. I was very impressed with  your professionalism and your ability to assist the parties in coming to a resolution.

- Ron

Thank you for your services and understanding of our problem. We never know in cases like this if we will get understanding people. You made me feel very comfortable and I thank you for that.

- Kelly

Thank you for you hard work. I truly appreciate your approach to dispute resolution.

- Don

Thank you so much for your understanding with our situation. Through this difficult process, you were the most reasonable.

- Suley

You are an exceptional mediator. Please know that you are appreciated.

- Kyle

I have worked with a lot of mediators and would certainly place you on the top of my list. You were insightful, compassionate and sincereAll great qualities for a mediator. I look forward to working with you for many years to come.

- Jeff

It was an extreme pleaser to meet you. Watching you in action on my case proved to me that you are very talented.

- Eddy

Thanks for working your magic yesterday.  Good to see you.

- Mike